Hello to everyone and welcome to italianotes.

This space is dedicated to all those who are learning Italian language and want to practice it, exchange and share thoughts and opinions and all you desire to speak about concerning Italian language.

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In order to work better I would ask you to specify how long have you been studying  Italian, if you live in Italy, where you studied / study Italian and what level you are. In this way I can better adapt posts based on your levels and needs.

You all are more than welcome to post any query that may be useful to you and the others.  For example, “I often make mistake linking the verb with the subject, how can I improve?” or “How do I form the hypothetical period?”

Let’s start with introducing myself!

I am Paola and I am a teacher of Italian for foreigners.

I first studied Modern Languages ​​at the University of Rome La Sapienza anf after obtained a Master’s Degree in Publishing and Journalism. I achieved with the University of Siena the Certification DITALS 2, a specific certification to teach Italian as second and foreign language for the levels A1-C2 of the CEFR.

I’m examiner for CELI language proficiency certification.

I have worked as Italian Teacher for:

State Secondary High School, Livia Bottardi, via Filiberto Petiti 97, Rome

State Primary School, San Benedetto, via dei Faggi 151, Rome

I am a volunteer teacher and examiner for:

Italian language school for foreigners Giovanni Paolo II (adult school), Via Casal dei Pazzi 88, Rome, part of Scuole Migranti of Rome.  Here I’m responsible for coordinating courses,  contacts, projects and internships. I’m teacher and examiner for the  courses coordinated by the CTP IV of Rome.

I hope to be able to work well together with anyone who wants to take part to this forum and, above all, to be helpful.



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